Historical Fiction, Fiction, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Jewelry Making, Metal Stamping, Crocheting, Collecting semi precious stones, Watching the ocean, Hugging trees, Cuddling with big dogs and ...find out more

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Balance of Power in International Relations. British Foreign Affairs 1750 - Present. British Political History 1688 - Present. British Monarchy 1066 - Present. History of Afghanistan 1747 - ...find out more

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Nonfiction, Intellectual life, Art, Science, Memoirs, Biographies, Picture books, Finance, Tech, Social justice

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Crocheting, Arm Knitting, Crafting, Hand-Stamping Metal Jewelry, Microsoft Publisher (Introductory Level), American Religious History, Information Architecture for Websites

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Literary Fiction, Speculitive Fiction, Feminism, LGBTQ Fiction, Classic Literature, YA Fiction, Writing, Personal Essay, Baking, Vegetarian Cooking, Social Justice, Fandom Culture

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Fiction favorites - Thriller. Mystery/Suspense. Cozy Mystery. Comedic Chick Lit. & Adventure. Non-Fiction musts - Art. DIY. Crafts. Nature. Hiking. Travel. & Comedic Biographies! Day-to-Day - ...find out more

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Fantasy fiction for all ages, Christian Fiction, Retold Fairytales, Vampires, Chick lit., Domestic fiction, Historical Fiction, Young Adult fiction, Supernatural, Ghost stories

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I read mostly fiction, with a preference for funny, offbeat, or just truly weird plots and characters. For nonfiction, I lean towards true crime, social issues, travel, and science. American ...find out more

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Science, Graphic Novel, Society, Art, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Comedy, Horror, History

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Technology, vegetarian cooking, travel, nature

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Makerspace, Graphic Design, Illustrator, Photoshop, Logo Design, Branding, Photography, Tablets/Smartphones, Computers, Web Design/Coding, Travel, Video Games, South Korean Culture and Art History

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Non Fiction, Popular Fiction, Mysteries, United States History, Northern Kentucky History, Genealogy, Immigration History, Historical Fiction

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