Eric R.


My interests and reading focus has been, primarily, built around my academic courses. I have recently completed my Masters in British Political History at the University of Cincinnati. I have a passion for political history and contemporary events. I have presented papers on "Boss" George B. Cox of Cincinnati, the History of Socialism, the Gordon Riots (1780), the history of Liberia, and former Libyan strongman Muammar al-Gaddafi. I can talk with you about the History of Socialism, the British Royal Family, the History of Flags, and British Political History, 1688 - Present.

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Balance of Power in International Relations. British Foreign Affairs 1750 - Present. British Political History 1688 - Present. British Monarchy 1066 - Present. History of Afghanistan 1747 - Present. History of Empires. History of Flags. History of Ideas. History of Socialism.

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