Kat W.


Hello There! You can call me a Digitarian as I pretty much only listen to Audio Books; I am really picky about voice actors/actresses so if you need a good listen... I'm your girl! I really enjoy fast-paced thrillers and books that can make me stay up past my bedtime!!! I am an Event Programmer at the William E. Durr Library, I Teach dance at Rapture Dance Company & Custom paint at Paint @ Bake Ceramics! I am a fanatic of exclamation points & emojis and only cry over dogs who don't have homes & people who do nice things for others!

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FICTION - Psychological Thriller. Mystery. Horror. Humor. Chick Lit. Science Fiction. Fantasy NON-FICTION - Art. DIY. Nature. Hiking. Travel. Egypt. Comedy. Biographies!

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